One of the most common problems that affect heavy vehicles such as trucks and trailers is wearing of the spindle. Caused by fretting, this process causes underside of the vehicle’s spindles to wear. Even if you regularly lubricate the spindle of the truck or trailer you own, fretting cannot be prevented. With the passage of time, spindles change their shape due to wear and tear. They have a similar shape to the letter ‘D’ of alphabets. At the bottom side, the spindle starts to become flat while the upper side takes the shape of the curve.
Fretting typically appears in bearings of the spindle. Furthermore, it can also appear in other components that are attached to bearings. The biggest cause of concern here is that this problem cannot be prevented even if you are regularly oiling the spindle. Therefore, the consequences are quite unfavorable. The damage doesn’t surge up till the time there is a complete failure. It doesn’t show as it affects the bottom part; thus, there are no visible signs.
In severe conditions, the wheel may come off completely due to the excessive wear. This can prove to be a fatal condition that must be avoided at any cost. The only way to prevent this from happening is to get quality truck spindle services at Axle Spindle.

Why Choose Axle Spindle Services?

We excel in repairing all types of damaged and broken spindles of trucks and trailers. Furthermore, we also offer spindle replacement and maintenance services. Here are some of the major reasons why you need to rely on us for impeccable spindle repair service:

How to Know My Truck/Trailer’s Spindle Needs a Repair?

There are certain signs a truck and trailer show when it needs spindle repair services. Have a look at some of them discussed in detail:

A Detailed Process

We follow a detailed process to repair spindles so that your truck or trailer is completely ready to be driven on the road without any issue. Our experts begin the process by inspecting the spindle thoroughly for issues that have caused damages. Each component of the spindle is checked for this purpose.
After this phase, a suitable repair technique is decided. Our team of experts then start the repair process. Once the spindle is completely repaired, they test it completely. After that, it is assembled and fixed back to its original place.

Professional Services

We have become a name to reckon with in the Greater Toronto area for our professional services. No other company that offers axle spindle services can match us when it comes to professionalism and dedication. Our main aim is to satisfy our clients, which we do by offering top of the line services.

Affordable Rates

Our axle spindle services in Toronto are preferred by truck and trailer owners as they are affordable for everyone. There are no hidden or extra charges included. This makes our services quite budget-friendly.

Mobile Spindle Repair Services

For those people who cannot bring their vehicles to our repair shop, they can call us to get our truck spindle services. We will send our team of expert technicians to your location to repair the spindle efficiently. They will bring along with them state of the art tools, equipment, and gears required for repairing different issues in spindles.

Round the Clock Availability

A factor that makes us the best company that offers truck spindle services is our round the clock availability. Your truck or trailer’s spindle may stop working anytime and at any place. With our mobile services that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will not have to wait for the next day to get our services. Just give us a call and you will be able to avail our exceptional services.

Experienced Team

We have a team of experienced technicians. They have undergone professional training programs that have helped them to polish their skills and expertise. Our professional team of experienced technicians is one of the major reasons why we have become a reliable name for axle spindle services in the Greater Toronto area.

We also offer spindle replacement services. Contact us now if you want a quote or require more information. We have a customer care center to facilitate the queries of our clients. You will get a prompt response from our customer care representatives.




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