Many truck and trailer owners find themselves in a dilemma whether to get their axle repaired or opt for axle replacement services. Getting it repaired is the obvious choice for many as it less costly as compared to buying a new one. However, once the axle has completed its lifespan, repairing axle will be of no use. It will merely prove to be a waste of money since the axle will malfunction again. The best advice is to avail axle replacement services of a reputed company.

Signs that you Need Axle Replacement Services

Generally, the axle of trucks and trailers are designed to last for many years. They can withstand routine wear and tear effectively. However, once they are past their shelf life; they would start showing certain signs as an indication that they need to be replaced. Here, we have discussed some of these signs:

Clicking or Whirring Noises

The most common sign is that when your vehicle turns corners, it starts making clicking or whirring noises. In some cases, tapping noises are also heard from trucks and trailers. The reason why these noises are heard that there is excessive movement in the joints. These noises become louder when the vehicle picks up speed. However, it only happens if the outer CV joint is causing problems. In case it is the inner joint, you may also hear a clunking noise, in addition to clicking or whipping.

Splashed Grease

Splashed grease is another common sign of a faulty axle. This usually becomes prevalent when the axle or CV joint malfunctions. In this situation, grease gets splattered around the side beneath the vehicle. It can also start leaking from a boot. Not taking care of this issue on a timely basis can lead to further damages. The leaking grease can reach the brake of the vehicle and contaminate them. As a result, they may also not work properly.


Another common sign an axle shows when it requires to be replaced is that it causes the steering of the vehicle to vibrate. The effects of this vibration are not only felt by the driver but the person sitting on the passenger seat as well. Hence, this sign is not to be taken lightly and axle boot replacement services must be availed as soon as possible. Neglecting this sign can lead to a further problematic situation.
In case the problem lies in the CV joints, axle is more likely to fail. The effect of the vibrations will get intensified and driving will become quite difficult and unsafe. This is due to the fact that damaged CV joints can result in off-balancing of the entire axle assembly.

Other Signs

  • Upon closely inspecting axle boots, you may notice tears on them
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Wheel shuddering
  • Grinding noises at low speeds

Cost of Axle Replacement

The cost you will incur on getting the axle replaced depends on numerous factors. For example, front axle replacement cost can be different than rear axle replacement cost. In addition to that, the company you are getting axle replaced also has an impact on the cost. Some companies charge high rates while some charge reasonable. You need to do your research to find the best company that offers axle replacement services at economical rates.

Axle Spindle Shop – A Name to Trust for Axle Replacement

Ignoring any of the bad axle signs discussed above can land you in greater troubles. Therefore, the first you should do, when notice such a sign, is to contact a reliable axle replacement company i.e. Axle Spindle. We are known to deliver expert services that ensure your vehicle is up and running in no time. Whether you are looking for front axle replacement or rear axle replacement, we have got you covered. We also offer CV axle shaft replacement services. Read on to know more about axle replacement services:


We have become a name to reckon with for professional service. Our specialty lies in dealing with each client that comes to us with priority. Attention to every major and minor detail is paid to ensure the replacement job is completed exceptionally well. Our crew is dedicated and committed to providing our clients with utmost satisfaction.


Each crew member that we have hired has years of experience in replacing axles. They particularly specialize in repairing and replacing axels of large vehicles i.e. trucks and trailers. Hence, you can completely trust for high-quality services that will not leave you unsatisfied.

Competitive Rates

A remarkable feature of our services is that they are available at economical rates. No other company that offers axle replacement services provides quality services at the rates as low as ours. Both the front axle replacement cost and rear axle replacement cost are low; thus, you will not have to disturb your budget greatly to avail our services.

A Key Advice

Do not make this mistake of repairing the axle when it has reached its maturity age only for the sake of saving money. Instead, getting it replaced will prove to be a cost-effective idea. It will not only improve the performance of your vehicle but also save you from spending money on its repairs every now and then.


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