Most of the truck owners pay attention to the wheels, brakes, engine and other such components of their vehicles while neglecting spindles. These are vital components of the truck as they provide a surface for the wheel bearings of a truck to roll around. Simply put, spindles form the center of the suspension system.

The problem here is that most of the people become attentive to spindles only when they need to be replaced. This can prove to be quite costly as buying new spindles and hiring professionals for replacing the existing ones can burn a hole in one’s pocket. Hiring professionals is a major requirement here since these components cannot be replaced following DIY methods. One needs to have access to the latest tools and knowledge of the advanced methods to remove the existing spindles and replacing them with the new ones.

Signs Your Truck Spindles Require Repair Service

Here are some of the most common signs your truck will show when it requires repair services:

  • It will make a loud clicking noise when it is accelerated. These noises may also be heard when the direction of the truck is changed.
  • When a spindle gets damaged, it causes excessive wear to the tire of the truck.
  • A damaged or broken spindle may also cause steering problems.

If you are noticing any of these signs, you need to make a quick move and drive your vehicle to a reliable company that offers truck spindle repair in Toronto. Neglecting this can lead to a more damaged spindle, which cannot be repaired but replaced only.

Axle Spindle – Your One Stop Shop for Axle and Spindle Repair

If you are looking for top quality spindle repair services, visit Axle Spindle repair shop. We are a professional company and have acquired a license to conduct our truck spindle repair operations in the Greater Toronto area.

Have a look at some of the benefits you obtain by getting our services:

Reduced Downtime

As stated above, we can repair your truck’s spindle in quick time. Therefore, there will be reduced downtime and your truck will be back on the road. Not only that but its performance and drivability will be increased as well.

Quality Services

Axle Spindle thrives to provide its clients with the best experience. We prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else. Hence, you can expect only the best services from us. We only use the internationally recognized repair methods to satisfy our clients.

Mobile Services

One of the biggest troubles faced by the truck owners is to drive their vehicles to our repair shop when the spindles are causing problems. This is due to the fact that broken or damaged spindles can make truck driving a tough task. It increases the risk of accidents as well.

Quick Truck Spindle Repair Services

Axle Spindle is here to save your time while providing you the best quality services. If you are contacting us, you can expect nothing but the most satisfying experience. Your truck will be dealt on a priority basis and our experts will ensure it is repaired in a quick-paced way.

All Types of Trucks

At Axle Spindle, we excel in repairing spindles installed in all types of trucks. Whether you are looking for heavy truck spindle repair services or semi truck spindle repair services, you can contact us and get the best services. The team of expert technicians we have hired is experienced and professionally trained. Using their experience and expertise, with the help of cutting-edge tools and gears we have provided them with, they can repair spindles efficiently.


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      This issue can be eliminated if you are contacting us as we offer the services of mobile truck spindle repair in Toronto. This means, anywhere in the Greater Toronto area you are located at, you can call us and get our exemplary services. Our team of professional and experienced technicians will be there at the site and repair the spindle. At first, it will be inspected and analyzed properly. Once the faults have been identified, only then the repair process will begin.

      All these features make the best and the most trustworthy truck spindle repair company in the Greater Toronto area. If you have any query or want a quote, feel free to get in touch with our customer care representative.