For those who are looking for expert trailer axle repair services in the Greater Toronto area, Axle Spindle is the ultimate choice. Our services are top-notch and trailer axle repair cost is affordable. We also offer mobile trailer axle repair services for the enhanced convenience of our clients.

Importance of Trailer Axle Repair Service

Axles of heavy vehicles i.e. trailers make for integral components. Heavy vehicles tend to have different types of suspension systems that vary on the basis of design and functionality. For example, in a live-axle system, wheels get the driving torque from the axles. Furthermore, axles also help to maintain their position to keep them relative to the body of the vehicle and each other. They have another added responsibility of bearing the vehicle weight and any load it is carrying.

Trailers that have a front beam axle, they do not have a shaft. Their main purpose is to support the steering and suspension. Irrespective of the type of axle used in a trailer, it is important to ensure it is in a good state. For this, regular maintenance is important.
A bad i.e. broken or damaged axle can have quite a lot of adverse effects on the condition and performance of the trailer. It can make the trailer difficult to drive for the driver. Moreover, its overall performance may also get affected adversely. If the damage is greater, driving the trailer is not recommended as it can result in a fatal accident.

If the axle has been completely broken, it may not allow the trailer to move from its position. The trailer will start properly, its engine will be working fine; however, it won’t be able to move from its position due to the bad axle. This, and various other daunting situations, can be prevented if you are keeping the condition of the axle in check and availing professional services for repair trailer axle in Toronto.

The Process to Repair Axle at Axle Spindle

At Axle Spindle, our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the best services. For this, we use an advanced approach and modern techniques to repair trailer axles. The process starts with inspecting the axle thoroughly. It is then disassembled and carefully analyzed. These steps help to identify and locate the broken/damaged parts.
Once these parts are located, they are now then repaired using the innovative and most effective techniques. We use state of the art tools and equipment for this purpose. After the axle has been completely repaired, it is reassembled and fixed back to the trailer.
Our services ensure that the trailer is repaired in an effective manner and you will have to look for trailer axle repair shops near me any time soon.

Top Reasons to Choose Us for Trailer Axle Repair

There are a number of companies in the Greater Toronto area that offer trailer axle repair services. You can easily find a company for trailer axle repair near me with a little effort. However, for the best experience, select a company that offers exceptional services i.e. Axle Spindle.

Here are some of the reasons why you should select us:

Low Trailer Axle Repair Cost

One of the top reasons why we have become a reputed name in the Greater Toronto area is the low trailer axle repair cost. Unlike other companies, our services are not charged at high rates. Furthermore, there are no hidden charges included. We only charge for the work completed and offer our clients complete value for money with our impeccable our services.

Attention to Detail

At Axle Spindle, we offer professional services. Attention to every major and minor detail is paid when inspecting and repairing axles. Hence, you can rest assured that you will not require axle repair services from any other company in near future.

Experienced Technicians

Another reason why we are trusted for premium services and utmost satisfaction is that we have hired the most experienced and professional technicians. They use their expertise and experience in an optimal manner to repair all types and styles of axles used in trailers.


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